Timeless Value

Our motto “Timeless Value” is part of all our thinking. We look back and think ahead. We take the best from the tried and tested and combine it with modern technology to create a timeless quality product. It is not only about quality & design, the road there is important as well, especially the environmental aspect.

The Name

The name Snêk come from one of the old dialects "farmish" of Northern sweden. The word means "to carpent".

The place

Snêk is founded in the old Mill Town Törefors, Kalix municipality. Since the 19th century the wood industry has been the main focus here and the region. In 1886 the mill was founded where the workers were given both accommodation and schooling from the then owner.

In 1929 begins the production of wooden fibreboars, at the peak 300 people worked at the mill. Since the 1970s the focus has been smaller scale carpentry and production of wood houses.

A winter image from the 1930s showing the presently oldest building.

After a fire in 1932 the current factory buildings are built.

The Founders

Why does it have to be so expensive to build a traditional kitchen if you don't wan't to sacrifice quality?

The question was asked during a kitchen renovation of our turn of the century apartment, that later on lead to the founding of Snêk.

In order to minimize the price without sacrificing the quality, our kitchen go straight to the customer from the factory without intermediaries. The customer designs the kitchen and the design goes to production following a meeting between the customer and us. To make this possible we created a modular kitchen to make it as easy as possible for the customer to mount the kitchen and to lower transport costs. The customer can impact the price by choosing how much they do by themselves. A modern production line, that automates much of what traditionally is made by hand is another factor that contributes to a cost effective process.